The Benefits of Massage (2)

The broader the masseur’s knowledge, the more benefits the client can receive.

Chakra Colours

Chakra Colours

The prospect of pain relief prompts many people to try out a massage treatment; and here, the masseur’s knowledge of trigger points and stretching techniques can enable her/him to work effectively on all the troublesome areas.

Relaxation is a well-known result of massage therapy treatments, and relaxation at the deepest level can be achieved if the masseur integrates energy balancing of the client’s energy centres, (chakras) into the work done on the physical body.

My massage treatments bring together both of these elements. Advice to the client on how to avoid aggravating muscular strain and pain can really help them to improve their wellbeing.  It can be simple tips on sitting correctly in front of their computers, and, or some gentle stretching exercises.

I love helping people to feel better; that’s makes my massage therapy work greatly rewarding.

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