Improvement in the condition of a dog’s skin after using aloe veterinary spray

It always gives me great pleasure to receive positive feedback from people who try out products in the Forever Living Products range.  Sometimes I get feedback from animals too via their owners.  With the owner’s permission I share this information about her dog Toby.  He had been treated by a vet for an allergic reaction to flea bites, which cleared up the problem but his skin was still very dry and itchy.  I recommended his owner to try out aloe veterinary spray, which she did.  She used it every two -three days and after two weeks noticed a big difference in the condition of his coat, which was much more shiny and glossy. she met her vet while out on a walk with Toby and he noticed the difference too. According to his owner, Toby seemed  to want to show off his coat -well, itchy skin isn’t a great mood booster, so I’m very happy for Toby.

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