The Root Chakra – The Colour Red


Root Chakra Image - Red

In order to achieve any task that requires physical activity we draw on our store of energy in the root chakra. As a tree’s roots nourish the whole structure, the health of our root chakra underpins our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Our chakras need care and attention for our overall wellbeing. When a massage client chooses to have healing of these centres as a part of their physical massage treatment, they choose a bottle from a selection of aura soma equilibrium bottles that relate to the chakras. The bottle they choose is an indication of which chakra is most in need of attention. Restoring balance in one benefits all the others as they do not function in isolation from each other.

Which words spring to mind when you think of red? Take the time to write some down! It has different associations, but a central one, which relates to many aspects of red, is fire. The root chakra connects us with our ancestral past, and we can easily see in our mind’s eye the fire our ancestors sat around for warmth, comfort, security and protection, all needed for survival. In that safe place rest could be taken so that the body could re-energize and be ready for new physical activity, however challenging.

By comparison, the root chakra can be understood as an internal fire, which, like an external fire, needs to be attended to if it is to keep burning. When a person’s physical energy is very low, we say they are “burned out.” In this case, when I am working with somebody who has a low level of physical energy, the image I have in my mind of their root chakra may be of bare coals where the fire has gone out. Fortunately it can be restored by the healing work and the client’s co-operation in ways to revitalize themselves.

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