Techniques for releasing fascia

What is fascia?

when people look for a massage therapist, they may be searching for relief from sore or tight muscles, for relaxation and or stress management. While it is well known that muscles can cause aches and pains, the existence and role of fascia in the body is less known about. To answer the title question, fascia is a web of fibrous tissue that penetrates and surrounds muscles, bones, nerves, arteries, veins and internal organs.

My day workshop

Although I have learned about massage therapy through different courses, and can consider myself well-educated and experienced, only one of them gave me an introduction to fascia and techniques for releasing restrictions in the pliability of the body’s fascia. I was eager to add to my knowledge, so when the opportunity to attend a day workshop in the fundamentals of fascial release, I signed up. The day gave me new knowledge and hands on techniques to use whenever helpful. I have already used the techniques I learned in my therapy work and have received positive feedback.

I look forward to continuing to apply my new knowledge and to learning more.

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