Aromatherapy Massage

What is it?

Aromatherapy massage is a deeply soothing treatment that offers all the benefits of remedial massage as well as the therapeutic properties of essential oils individually blended for each treatment. As in the remedial massage treatments, the aromatherapy massages are adapted to meet the needs of different individuals after a preliminary consultation.

Stretching techniques, self help advice and myo-fascial release techniques complement the massage strokes used to improve all muscular issues.

What are the Benefits?

As well as the physical benefits of the massage, essential oils are blended with pure carrier oil which the skin is able to absorb. Oils can be combined for different purposes, such as to aid mental and emotional calm, to improve the efficency of our immune system’s defence against virueses and bacteria, to help the body to heal digestive disorders, and much more.

How does it Work?

The oils reach the blood stream through the skin and through the lungs as they also mix with the air we breathe in, and continue their therapeutic action not only during the massage treatment. Through energy balancing techniques, aromatherapy massage works on the energy surrounding the physical body to balance and restore, which also benefits the physical body.

Customer Comment

After struggling at first to find the right service for me in Nottingham, I have now been visiting Christine, monthly, for over two years. Christine is the consummate professional and if you were to ask me to describe a typical massage from her I would have to say there isn’t such a thing. Every massage is different and is tailored to my particular needs at that time, whether that be muscular, relaxation or a bit of both. Christine is very knowledgeable and she uses that knowledge to apply the right treatment to the right places and in the right manner, I cannot recommend her services highly enough and my sessions with Christine have convinced me of the healing power of massage so much, that I have now gone on to study massage myself.

Jim D

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