Indian Head Massage

What is it?

A seated massage treatment for the upper back, arms and neck, head and face. It is suitable for workplaces as well as therapy rooms, as it may be given on bare skin, using essentail oils, or over a t-shirt.

Stretching techniques, self help advice and myo-fascial release techniques complement the massage strokes used to improve all muscular issues.

What are the Benefits?

Relief from and lasting improvement of stiff necks, shoulders, strains and pains in the upper back and arms, freedom from headaches caused by muscular tension in the neck, which restricts the flow of blood to the head. The appearance of skin can also improve owing to improved muscle tone and a better flow of oxygen and nutrients in the blood that reaches the new skin cells that are growing in the basal layer of the skin.

Energy balancing techniques used in this treatment aid the massage to completely relax and to feel the benefit in the whole body.

How Does it Work?

The massage movements stimulate the flow of blood and lymph through the muscles, soft tissues and the basal layer of skin cells, bringing oxygenated blood and nutrients to the cells, from the muscles to the skin, and allow lymph and de-oxygenated blood to drain away, carrying with it any waste products such as lactic acid. Muscular fibres that have formed “knots” separate again, to restore mobility, flexibility and strength in the muscles.

Customer Comments

Christine’s Indian Head massage is amazing. My shoulder and neck muscles get very tense and feel knotted after working on a computer all day and when I have endured my hour-long journey to and from work. Christine’s magic touch eased away all the tension and made me feel far more relaxed than I had felt in ages.


Very relaxing treatment, felt wonderful afterwards. Friendly and informative. Would absolutely recommend


Really great experience. Very clear with what was going to happen, and considerate (clothing, etc!) Breathing instructions were helpful. Follow-up advice was appreciated. I feel calmer, thank you again!


I forgot how lovely Indian Head Massage is. Even a brief session takes away a lot of tension.


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