Remedial Massage

What is it?

A massage treatment that works deeply into the muscles and gives special attention to areas of stiffness, strain, achiness, reduced mobility or muscular weakness. This can be taken as a full body massage or as a treatment for specific areas such as the back, legs and arms.

Stretching techniques, self help advice and myo-fascial release techniques complement the massage strokes used to improve all muscular issues.

What are the Benefits?

When muscles feel better, so do we. For example, in back massage, the whole of the back feels warmer and more energised. Mobility improves, and as tension leaves the body the whole person feels more relaxed.

How Does it Work?

The massage movements bring fresh and oxygenated blood into the muscles and drain de-oxygenated blood and lymph with waste products such as lactic acid that has lodged in the muscle fibres.

Muscle fibres that have bundled together, forming muscular “knots” are able to separate out and function better, which improves strength,tone and mobility.

Customer Comments

I can personally recommend Christine without hesitation for her friendly and professional massage, It felt absolutely great, so relaxing and yet quite deep and intense, She spent a lot of time on the troubled areas to release muscle tension: In fact a truly therapeutic experience.

Wendy P

Christine’s therapeutic massage is extremely effective.  During your consultation and first massage she is able to give you advice and establish what treatment would benefit you most.  Her wonderful massage to cleat knotted muscles made my legs far less painful and enabled me to walk far more freely. I feel sure Christine will be able to help you.

Diane S.

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